How to forfeit in Valorant

avatarBurstingHong3 months ago
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avatarBurstingHonga month ago

Forfeiting in Valorant is pretty straightforward but remember you need your team's backing. Just hit 'Enter' to bring up the chat during a match, then type '/ff' or '/forfeit' and hit 'Enter' again. After that, it's all about democracy; your team votes on whether to throw in the towel or not. So, make sure you've got your persuasive speech ready if you really wanna bail!

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avatarLettingTaila month ago

Gotta disagree with going the forfeit route. Valorant's all about those comebacks! Even if it looks grim, you never know when you can turn the game around. Stick it out!

avatarAttallingHalta month ago

I've forfeited a few times when we were down bad, and the steps are easy. Type '/ff', but convincing everyone to vote yes is the real challenge. Make sure you only do it when the game鈥檚 truly unwinnable, or you might just annoy your teammates.

avatarBustingSpirea month ago

Just type '/ff' in the chat. If your teammates agree, you're out. Simple.

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