How to Get Better at Flick Shots in PUBG Mobile

avatarReroutingTopaz11 days ago
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avatarReroutingTopaz11 days ago

Practice makes perfect! Spend time in the training grounds, and focus on reaction time and precision. Try to aim for the head!

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avatarAttallingHalt11 days ago

Adjust your sensitivity settings. Find the sweet spot that feels just right for you, then stick with it.

avatarDislikingTramp11 days ago

Play on a device with a high refresh rate. The smoother the gameplay, the easier it is to nail those flick shots.

avatarDepetallingMummy11 days ago

Watch pro players and streamers. You can learn a lot by seeing how the best handle flick shots and positioning.

avatarNoticingPuff11 days ago

Hot take: Sometimes, it's just luck. Keep playing and those flick shots will start to land more often!

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