How to get good aim in Valorant

avatarNickelingAlan3 months ago
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avatarQuestioningVale3 months ago

Aiming's overrated. Focus on game sense, strategic thinking, and teamwork. Best aim in the world won't save you if you're out of position or don't know how to play with your team.

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avatarInterferingHood3 months ago

Just play the game, dude. The more you play, the better you'll get. Simple as that.

avatarRollingHank3 months ago

Aim isn't just about flicking to heads; it's also about predicting enemy movements. Watch pro streams and see how they anticipate where an opponent will be. It's not just aim; it's chess with guns.

avatarTrainingLace3 months ago

Practice makes perfect! Start with Aim Lab or Kovaak's to refine your aim. These aim trainers are great for warming up before you dive into Valorant. Focus on drills that improve your reaction time and accuracy. In-game, play Deathmatch to get used to aiming at real players. Remember, crosshair placement is key; always aim for head level. And lastly, adjust your mouse sensitivity till it feels just right. Too high or too low can throw off your aim.

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