How to get into the Forest in Tears of the Kingdom

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avatarRequestingFinala month ago

Getting into the forest in Tears of the Kingdom is a real treat! You gotta make your way to the southeastern part of the map. Look out for the big, lush green area - that's your ticket. Once you're there, keep an eye out for natural pathways or hidden entrances. Some areas might look impassable, but with a bit of creativity using Link's abilities, you'll find your way in. And remember, sometimes solving a nearby puzzle or helping out a character can open up paths you didn't know were there!

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avatarDescribingHaila month ago

Just fly in lol. Seriously, get to a high point and glide down into the forest. EZ.

avatarAlightingTanga month ago

I dunno, I just stumbled into it while running away from a Lynel. Best accident ever, though. The forest is beautiful!

avatarBackingPecka month ago

Honestly? Best advice is to explore. The game rewards curiosity big time, so if you see something interesting, go check it out. You'll find the forest before you know it.

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