How to get lots of Lunch Boxes in Fallout Shelter

avatarPleasingSkip3 months ago
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avatarConcludingDisc3 months ago

Just play the game as it's meant to be played. Lunch Boxes come naturally as you progress, so no need to hunt them down specifically. Plus, remember that buying them is always an option if you're really in a pinch and need that extra boost.

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avatarWarningSquad3 months ago

Easy! Patience and strategy are key. Keep completing the daily and weekly quests, and don't forget about the objectives. Many of them reward you with Lunch Boxes for completing tasks like collecting resources or leveling up your Dwellers. Also, keep an eye out for special events or holidays, as the game often gives out extra Lunch Boxes during these times.

avatarPracticingClock3 months ago

Honestly, just buy them if you want a bunch quickly. Time is money, friend.

avatarHatchellingCalm3 months ago

If you're serious about stacking up those Lunch Boxes without opening your wallet, focus on exploration. Sending your Dwellers out into the Wasteland can sometimes reward you with Lunch Boxes. And it's pretty cool to see what they bring back too!

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