How to Get the Ripper in Fallout 4

avatarManningAndy3 months ago
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avatarBruisingTopaz3 months ago

Just buy it from a vendor. Why make life harder?

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avatarDescribingHail3 months ago

Getting your hands on the Ripper in Fallout 4 is easier than convincing a Super Mutant to chill out! You can often find it as loot on Gunners or inside locked safes scattered across the Commonwealth. If you're feeling adventurous, visiting weapon vendors or checking out the raider camps might also reward you with this chainsaw-like joy. Remember, exploring and looting are your best bets!

avatarAttainingFord3 months ago

Totally scored the Ripper from a Gunner I took down near Quincy Ruins. Wasn't even looking for it, but there it was, all shiny and ready for some action. Keep your eyes peeled around those parts; seems like Gunners fancy holding onto the cool gear.

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