How to Get to Ascend Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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Getting to the Ascend Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom is like a puzzle itself! Start by making sure you've got the right gear - think climbing gear and plenty of stamina meals. You'll likely encounter some tricky terrain and enemies, so be prepared. Also, use your environment to your advantage; look for updrafts to paraglide or objects you can manipulate to create a path. Remember, exploring and using your Sheikah Slate abilities are key in Hyrule!

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avatarAssemblingDeltaa month ago

Just paraglide from the tallest point you can find nearby. If you see a mountain or a tower close enough that's higher than the shrine's location, climb it and glide down to the shrine. Easy peasy!

avatarAssoilzieingThrowa month ago

I don't get the hype, just walk around until you find it, LOL.

avatarComputingTopaza month ago

Honestly, just explore around the area. The game's designed for you to stumble upon solutions naturally. Maybe you'll find an even cooler secret along the way!

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