How to Get to the Military Base in GTA V

avatarRuingMite2 months ago
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avatarRepeatingRitz2 months ago

Honestly, just grab a helicopter. Fly towards Fort Zancudo, and hover over the base before parachuting down. It's way cooler and you skip the drama at the gate. But remember, trespassing will still attract attention, so be ready to fly high or run fast!

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avatarCorrectingGait2 months ago

Stealing a jet from the military base? Overrated. Just use a cheat code to lower your wanted level and walk in like you own the place. It鈥檚 less about the how and more about the swagger.

avatarPracticingClock2 months ago

If you're asking for directions to a military base in a game about stealing cars, you're missing the point. Just drive fast and cause chaos. That's the real way to get anywhere in GTA.

avatarSortyingSlag2 months ago

Getting to the military base in GTA V requires a bit of daring and a love for high-speed chases! The easiest way is to find a fast car and head to the northwest side of the map. Look for Fort Zancudo. Once you approach, you'll see a fence surrounding the base. You can either jump the fence using a nearby ramp or find a way to break through the main gate. Just prepare to get a wanted level faster than you can say 'Grand Theft Auto'!

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