How to Get Verified on BitLife Social Media

avatarNickelingAlana month ago
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avatarLettingTaila month ago

To get verified on BitLife social media, you need to build a massive following. It's all about staying consistent: post frequently, interact with fans, and consider dabbling in risky or controversial content to boost engagement.

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avatarPracticingClocka month ago

Getting verified on BitLife social media is a grind. Focus on gaining followers鈥攕pam those posts and hope for the best!

avatarEmptyingDaisya month ago

Keep your character happy and healthy while being as active as possible on social media. You also need a good mix of activities, so throw in some photos, posts, and videos!

avatarDisbowelingFeela month ago

I've been verified on BitLife social media by focusing heavily on being a celebrity. Keep posting regularly and your following will eventually skyrocket. It's all about persistence!

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