How to Get Your Street Smarts Up in BitLife

avatarDepetallingMummy25 days ago
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avatarTabulatingMadam25 days ago

To boost your street smarts in BitLife, choose activities that expose your character to life on the streets, like getting into fights or running away from home. Also, robbing banks and stealing cars can give you a quick street-smart boost!

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avatarAttainingFord25 days ago

Just hang out with the wrong crowd and commit petty crimes; your street smarts will shoot up faster than you can say 'life of crime.'

avatarSingingRidge25 days ago

From experience, spending time in juvenile detention and later prison can really up your street smarts. Trust me, I survived the rough BitLife streets this way!

avatarCopyingSole25 days ago

Or you could just read books and attend public school... but where's the fun in that?

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