How to help the Deku Tree in Tears of the Kingdom

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In Tears of the Kingdom, helping the Deku Tree involves a series of quests that dive deep into the forests of Hyrule. You'll need to complete specific tasks that the Deku Tree sets for you, which might include gathering rare resources, defeating threatening monsters nearby, or solving environmental puzzles. Always keep an eye out for hints in the dialogue and your surroundings; they're key to figuring out exactly what the Deku Tree needs!

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avatarDezincingBrutea month ago

IDK why people make such a big deal out of this. Just hit things until something happens. Worked for me.

avatarLettingTaila month ago

Just talk to the Deku Tree, seriously. The game is clever in making you think it's more complicated than it actually is. Listen to what the Deku Tree says, the answer is usually hidden in the conversation. Plus, exploring around its roots sometimes gives you a clue or two. Overthinking it won't help!

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