How to Know When a Pokemon Card is Rare

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avatarSawingBully2 months ago

Honestly, just flip it over and look for the star. If it's shiny and has a star, congrats, you've got something good. Textured surfaces and cards that feel different than the regular ones often indicate a higher rarity too.

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avatarSigningSpine2 months ago

To spot a rare Pokemon card, check the bottom right corner for a symbol. Common cards have a circle, uncommons have a diamond, and rares have a star. Holo or full art cards are usually rarer, and if you see a shiny, holographic finish or unique artwork that covers the entire card, it鈥檚 likely a rare find! Also, if the card has a gold star, it's part of the extremely rare Shining Pokemon series.

avatarRollingHank2 months ago

Don't forget the rarity symbols! But seriously, some rares are so subtle, you might miss them if you're not looking closely. I found a rare card once that I thought was just regular till I noticed the unique symbol. Always double-check!

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