How to Land at the Place You Marked on PUBG Mobile?

avatarSawingBullya month ago
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avatarAssemblingDeltaa month ago

First, open your map while you're on the plane and mark your desired landing spot. Press 'jump' when the plane is closest to your marked location. Once airborne, aim your character by turning towards the mark. Keep an eye on the distance meter and adjust your dive to hit the spot exactly!

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avatarEarningOuncea month ago

As a seasoned parachuting champion, I've found that diving at a 45-degree angle straight towards your mark while deploying the parachute at the last moment ensures a swift and accurate landing!

avatarImplementingPonsa month ago

Mark the spot on the map, then just jump off the plane when you're over it. Easy peasy!

avatarReroutingTopaza month ago

Simply open the map, place a marker, and jump when you're near. Fly directly towards it using your joystick to steer your character.

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