How to make holographic Pokemon cards

avatarCarryingTree3 months ago
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avatarConcludingDisc3 months ago

Honestly, you can't make real holographic Pokemon cards because the process and materials are proprietary to the manufacturers. If you're just looking to customize cards for fun, though, applying a thin layer of iridescent or holographic craft sheet on top might be your best DIY bet. Just don't try passing them off as real in your local card shop.

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avatarDebiasingPons3 months ago

Making official holographic Pokemon cards at home is impossible, since they require special printing techniques and materials that aren't available to the public. However, you can add a holographic effect to existing cards using holographic film or nail polish for a DIY project. Just remember, these won't be tournament legal!

avatarAttemptingDance3 months ago

Nope, can't be done. Making real holographic Pokemon cards is a no-go unless you've got the same setup as the official printers. Best stick to collecting the real deal.

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