How to Make it Night in GTA 5

avatarReplyingTheft2 months ago
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avatarCarryingTree2 months ago

Making it night in GTA 5 is easier than you think! Just find a safe spot to stand still, then keep skipping through time by saving your game at your safehouse. Each time you save, time advances by 6 hours. Do it a few times and voila, nighttime in Los Santos!

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avatarLettingTail2 months ago

Hot take: Why wait? Just enjoy the game as it cycles through day and night naturally. The transitions are pretty cool to watch!

avatarDepetallingMummy2 months ago

Here's a pro tip from someone who's spent way too much time in Los Santos: use the cheat code for changing weather. Sometimes, it'll turn to night faster that way. Not the most 'legal' method, but hey, you're playing GTA!

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