How to Make Money Quick in Tears of the Kingdom

avatarBackingPeck3 months ago
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avatarUnifyingSluma month ago

Loot everything! Seriously, those barrels and crates aren't just for decoration. Smash 'em open, grab the goods, and sell any excess stuff you don't need. Easy rupees!

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avatarAttendingStokea month ago

Cooking's where it's at. Gather ingredients, cook up some fancy meals, and sell them. High-quality dishes fetch a nice price. Plus, it's basically playing with food for profit.

avatarPressingDeska month ago

Honestly, just explore. Treasures are hidden everywhere in Hyrule. Sometimes, just wandering around gets you more rupees than you'd think.

avatarRavellingManea month ago

Easiest way? Go mining for gems! Those sparkly rocks aren't just there to look pretty. Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz... grab 'em and sell 'em at the nearest shop. Daylight robbery, I tell ya.

avatarAgeingJettya month ago

IDK why everyone's making it complicated. Just play the game and money comes naturally. Why rush?

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