How to Pick a Mortal Kombat Character

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avatarReroutingTopaz9 days ago

Pick based on the character's special moves and fatalities. If you think shooting lasers from your eyes is cool, Kano is your guy. Love ninjas? Go for Scorpion or Sub-Zero.

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avatarCopyingSole9 days ago

Start by trying out different characters in practice mode to see which fighting style suits you best! Just go with the one that gives you the most fun, whether it's Scorpion's fiery moves or Sub-Zero's frosty attacks!

avatarRatingLink9 days ago

Look for a character that complements your play style. If you like fast and agile fighters, try Mileena or Liu Kang. If you prefer slower but powerful attacks, Goro or Shao Kahn might be your vibe!

avatarBackingPeck9 days ago

Try playing through Story Mode 鈥 you'll get a chance to try a bunch of different characters and see which one clicks with you.

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