How to Play Duelist in Valorant

avatarNailingSurge3 months ago
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Playing a duelist in Valorant is all about confidence and taking the initiative. You gotta be the one who's not afraid to push forward, take risks, and go for those first picks in a round. Remember, your role is key in creating space for your team to capture site. Use your abilities to disrupt enemy lines and remember to communicate with your team to coordinate attacks. And most importantly, practice your aim because as a duelist, you're expected to win those 1v1 fights.

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avatarQuestioningVale3 months ago

Just click heads lol. But seriously, focus on your mechanical skills. Aim is crucial.

avatarConcludingDisc3 months ago

Don't forget map knowledge. Knowing where to expect enemies and how to use your abilities in each location can make or break your game as a duelist. It's not just about shooting; it's about smart playing.

avatarForetellingTable3 months ago

Honestly, as someone who's mained duelist since the start, it's 20% about how good you are with your agent's abilities and 80% about how well you can shoot. Duelists need to be the sharpshooters of the team. So, practice your aim and learn to be aggressive without being reckless.

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