How to play Gekko in Valorant

avatarAgeingJetty3 months ago
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avatarCompletingClinta month ago

Playing Gekko in Valorant is all about mastering his unique abilities to control the battlefield. Start by using his Dizzy (the flying creature) to initiate fights, as it can scout ahead and disorient enemies. Mosh Pit (the exploding orb) is perfect for clearing tight spaces or denying bomb plants/defuses. Wingman (his little buddy that charges) is great for spike plants or defuses, plus it can take down enemies if aimed well. Lastly, Thrash (his ultimate) can turn team fights around by immobilizing enemies. Remember, Gekko's strength lies in his versatility, so adapt your playstyle to the needs of your team and the situation!

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avatarWipingBridea month ago

Gekko = EZ mode. Throw stuff, watch enemies run. EZ.

avatarWanderingFaceta month ago

Gekko? Just throw his creatures around and hope for the best. JK, but seriously, timing is key with Gekko. Use Mosh Pit to flush enemies out, Dizzy to confuse them, and Wingman for objective plays. His ult, Thrash, is game-changing when used right. So, timing and strategy over spamming abilities!

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