How to Play Lethal Company

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Playing Lethal Company is all about teamwork and strategy. You and your crew get dropped onto an abandoned industrial moon swarming with dangers. First up, communication is key—make sure to plan your moves and share resources with your teammates. Scavenge for scrap and items to survive and keep an eye on your objectives. Always stay on your toes to evade the hostile creatures and environmental hazards. Remember, your goal is to complete your mission and escape before the deadly automated system kicks in. And don’t forget to manage your resources wisely; everything is scarce, and every decision matters!

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avatarRepeatingRitz·3 months ago

lol just run around, grab what you can and don’t get eaten. But fr, stick with your team and don’t wander off. It’s not the type of game you can Rambo through.

avatarRavellingMane·3 months ago

Honestly, just dive in and start playing. Lethal Company’s really about learning from your mistakes and getting better each run. Plus, experiencing that initial 'what the heck do I do' feeling with friends is half the fun.

avatarWhammellingSuite·3 months ago

Just wanted to add, it's crucial to learn the layout of each moon as fast as you can. Knowing your surroundings can make the difference between getting cornered by monsters or finding that last piece of scrap you need to escape.

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