How to play smokes in Valorant

avatarPressingDesk·3 months ago
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avatarHatchellingCalm·3 months ago

Playing smokes in Valorant is all about vision control. The key is knowing the maps and common chokepoints. Use your smokes to block enemy sightlines, giving your team the advantage when attacking or defending sites. It’s not just about where, but when: timing your smokes can disrupt enemy plans and give your team the edge in a fight. Also, communicate with your team about your smoke plans to avoid overlap and waste!

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avatarBurstingHong·3 months ago

Just throw them where you don't want the enemies to see lol. But seriously, learn some lineups for key points on each map. YouTube is full of tutorials. Smokes can make or break a site take or defense.

avatarEnvassalingTier·3 months ago

IDK why everyone complicates it. Use smokes to annoy the other team. Block their view, make them uncomfortable, and shoot them when they blindly run through. EZ.

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