How to Reduce Bloom in Fortnite

avatarSignalingClouda month ago
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avatarCopyingSolea month ago

Turn off motion blur in your settings. It won't directly reduce bloom, but it will make spotting targets easier.

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avatarWarningSquada month ago

Switch to First-Person mode if you haven't already. This can reduce the perception of bloom since your crosshair doesn't spread as much.

avatarSortyingSlaga month ago

Use weapons with lower bloom like assault rifles and practice burst firing instead of holding down the trigger to keep your shots more accurate.

avatarAttallingHalta month ago

Make sure you aim down sights (ADS) as much as possible! This tightens your shot spread and reduces bloom significantly.

avatarCatalogingDiska month ago

Honestly, learning to manage bloom is part of the game. Embrace it and master the art of controlled firing!

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