How to Save and Quit Lethal Company

avatarAssoilzieingThrow3 months ago
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avatarBustingSpire3 months ago

To save your game in Lethal Company, you need to find a save station, which looks like a small terminal with a screen and keyboard, scattered throughout the moons. After interacting with it, you can choose to save your progress. Quitting the game is as easy as pressing the Escape key to bring up the main menu and selecting 'Quit Game.' Remember, the game only saves your progress at these stations, so make sure to use them often!

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avatarAttendingStoke3 months ago

Just hit ESC and click 'Quit Game' to exit. But don't forget to save at one of those save stations first, or you'll be crying over lost progress.

avatarScoldingIrony3 months ago

I've been playing since the early access launch and trust me, finding those save stations before quitting is crucial. It adds an extra layer of tension, knowing you can't just save anytime, anywhere. Makes you plan your moves more carefully.

avatarRepeatingRitz3 months ago

Honestly, the save system feels a bit old-school, but it totally works for the game's vibe. Just make sure you save whenever you can, or it's back to square one.

avatarCaringEthos3 months ago

Quitting is easy but saving is where it gets tricky. You've gotta find those save stations - no autosave. Adds to the thrill if you ask me!

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