How to See Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO

avatarRegulatingHale·16 days ago
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avatarScoldingIrony·16 days ago

To see Shiny Pokémon, simply click on the Pokémon in the wild or after a raid battle. If it's shiny, the colors will be different and you'll see sparkles around it. Happy hunting!

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avatarWarningSquad·16 days ago

You won't know it's shiny until you actually click the Pokémon to start an encounter. If it's shiny, it'll be obvious with sparkles and a different color!

avatarDroppingSway·16 days ago

Shiny Pokémon are just rarer versions of the regular ones. You'll know it's shiny because the Pokémon will have a different color scheme and sparkle when you encounter it.

avatarMuggingCreek·16 days ago

Bro, finding Shiny Pokémon is mostly luck. Click every Pokémon you see and cross your fingers!

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