How to sort Pokemon cards into sets

avatarDemonstratingUnit3 months ago
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avatarWarningSquad3 months ago

Just sort 'em by the set symbol and number. Trust me, makes life so much easier.

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avatarSingingRidge3 months ago

Sorting Pokemon cards into sets is all about organzation and knowing what you've got. First, you gotta separate them by expansion, which you can tell by the symbol on the card, usually at the bottom right. Then, order them by their number, also found at the bottom of the card. It's like putting together a big, colorful puzzle. Keeping them in binders with card sleeves can help protect them and make it easier to show off your collection!

avatarDebiasingPons3 months ago

I actually tried sorting by color and type once... big mistake. Stick to the set symbols and numbers. Learned that the hard way.

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avatarDiego3 hours ago
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