How to Steal a Beehive in Lethal Company

avatarPracticingClock3 months ago
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avatarSawingBully3 months ago

Pro tip: Just rush in and grab it. 9 times out of 10, you're fast enough to make it out with a few stings, tops. Works every time for me!

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avatarArisingWard3 months ago

Honestly, why bother with the beehive? The risk's not worth the reward. Stick to scavenging in safer areas unless you're really in need of whatever that beehive offers.

avatarSinkingDuel3 months ago

Stealing a beehive in Lethal Company isn't as direct as grabbing it and running. You gotta be sneaky. First off, make sure your team's on the same page with distraction and extraction. One of you distracts the automated defenses or creatures near the beehive, while the rest sneak in to grab it. Remember, moving quietly and using the environment to your advantage is key. Also, don't forget to manage your resources; you'll need enough scrap to trade for that sweet, sweet stealth gear beforehand.

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