How to Summon Zombies in Plants vs Zombies

avatarGroaningRush3 months ago
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avatarArisingWard3 months ago

In Plants vs Zombies, you can't actually summon zombies yourself since the game's all about planting a variety of plants to defend your home against the zombies the game throws at you. The zombies arrive in waves automatically as part of the game's level design. So, grab your sunflowers and pea shooters and get ready to protect your brain!

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avatarMisleadingBride3 months ago

Actually, you've got it flipped! The fun part is figuring out which plants work best against the hordes of zombies that the game sends your way. It's all about defense, not offense. Happy gardening!

avatarAssoilzieingThrow3 months ago

Umm, why would you wanna summon zombies? They're the ones you're supposed to be blasting away with your plant army. Just sit tight and they'll come to you, wave by wave, eager to get a taste of your garden (and brains).

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