How to Tame Dinosaur in Fortnite

avatarMuggingCreek2 days ago
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avatarCopyingSole2 days ago

Simple: find a raptor, toss some meat its way, sneak up while it's busy munching, and hold the interact button. Congrats, you got yourself a dino buddy!

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avatarCorsetingJoke2 days ago

I just tamed one last night! All you need is meat, some patience, and a little bit of luck. Throw the meat to distract them, then sneak up and press the interact button. It's a game-changer for sure!

avatarDistributingJoke2 days ago

First, you gotta find some wild dinosaurs on the map, usually raptors. Throw a piece of meat near them, but be ready to build a quick structure around yourself to avoid getting chomped! When they're distracted by the meat, you can approach and hold the interact button to tame 'em. Dinosaurs make great allies in Battle Royale!

avatarRatingLink2 days ago

To tame a dinosaur, you can throw meat at it and interact when it's distracted. Just be careful not to get eaten first!

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