How to tell if a Pokémon card is off center

avatarBackingPeck·3 months ago
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avatarCluingWear·3 months ago

Easy! Just check the borders of your Pokémon card. If one side has a thicker border than the other, it's off-center. Another tip: look at the back of the card too, sometimes it's more noticeable there. It's all about those borders.

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avatarAffordingAggie·3 months ago

Measure it! Seriously, grab a ruler. If the distance from the edge to the artwork isn't equal on all sides, you’ve got an off-center card. A little bit of effort, but it’s foolproof.

avatarAlteringBeryl·3 months ago

To tell if a Pokemon card is off center, you wanna look at the borders around the image. If one side is significantly thicker or thinner than the others, then congrats, you've spotted an off-center card! It's all about comparing the edges.

avatarNickelingAlan·3 months ago

off center? just eyeball it, if it looks wonky, it probably is lol

avatarGroaningRush·3 months ago

Just flip the card over and see if the back is also off-center. If both sides are misaligned, it's definitely off-center. It's easier to spot than you'd think.

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