How to turn off censorship on Valorant

avatarRegulatingHale3 months ago
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avatarWhammellingSuitea month ago

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Valorant doesn't really have an option to turn off censorship. The game is designed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible, so certain elements like explicit language in chat are automatically filtered out. There's no toggle in the settings to change this, but you can adjust the maturity of the chat filter to see if that makes a difference for you. Just remember, playing nice makes the game more fun for everyone!

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avatarDezincingBrutea month ago

Nope, can't do it. Valorant's all about keeping the vibes good and the chat clean. No switch to flip censorship off.

avatarRuingMitea month ago

Actually, I've been playing Valorant since launch, and there's definitely no direct way to 'turn off' censorship. What you can do is adjust your chat settings for a bit more leeway, but that's about it. Riot's pretty strict on maintaining a certain level of cleanliness in the game.

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