How to unlock doors in Lethal Company

avatarCoilingShip3 months ago
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avatarComposingGuru3 months ago

To unlock doors in Lethal Company, you need to keep an eye out for key cards that are usually hidden in the environment. These key cards match the corresponding color of the door they open. Sometimes, you'll need to solve puzzles or defeat specific enemies to get these key cards. Remember, teamwork is essential, so if you're playing co-op, coordinate with your teammates to find and use the keys efficiently.

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avatarCorrectingGait3 months ago

Honestly, just smash 'em. Some doors can be forced open with enough firepower or the right tool. Not every door needs a key card or a hack; brute force is a friend when you're running low on options. Just make sure you're not wasting resources or attracting unwanted attention.

avatarMuggingCreek3 months ago

Quick tip: Doors can also be unlocked by hacking terminals nearby. If you or a teammate has collected enough scrap, you can use it to hack the terminal and open locked doors without needing the key card. It's a faster way in tight situations, but save your scrap for when you really need it!

avatarSingingRidge3 months ago

Finding keys feels like a treasure hunt gone wrong sometimes. I swear I've circled back to the same room like three times before finding the right key card under a pile of scrap. Keep your eyes peeled; those cards blend in a little too well with the surroundings.

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