How to Upgrade Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

avatarLettingTail4 months ago
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avatarRatingLinka month ago

Just throw rupees at the Fairy, EZ.

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avatarResolvingGamea month ago

As someone who's spent wayyy too many hours in Hyrule, trust me, half the battle is finding those dang fairy fountains. But once you do, make sure your wallet is full because those upgrades aren't cheap. And don't overlook those obscure materials you find; they're probably for that armor upgrade you haven't got yet.

avatarForetellingTablea month ago

Upgrading armor in Tears of the Kingdom is pretty chill once you get the hang of it! You gotta find these Great Fairy Fountains scattered around Hyrule. They're not always easy to spot, but hey, that's part of the adventure. Each fountain has a Great Fairy who can give your gear a boost, but it'll cost ya - typically in materials and rupees. So, make sure you're exploring a lot and picking up everything you can. Some upgrades also require specific items related to the armor's theme, so keep an eye out for those unique bits!

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