How to Use the Custom Boombox in Lethal Company

avatarRequestingFinal3 months ago
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avatarCompletingClint3 months ago

To blast some tunes with the custom boombox in Lethal Company, first make sure you've picked it up from the equipment list before heading out on your scavenging mission. Once you're roaming the desolate moons, simply select it from your inventory and place it down. Now, get ready to jam (or distract those creepy crawlies) while you and your crew collect that precious scrap!

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avatarAttallingHalt3 months ago

Just grab it, place it, play it. Keeps the mood light even when the aliens get heavy!

avatarPressingDesk3 months ago

Honestly, the custom boombox is more than just a fun add-on. Used right, it can distract enemies, giving you a breather or a chance to slip by unnoticed. Plus, nothing beats the tension like your favorite track echoing through those deserted corridors.

avatarComputingTopaz3 months ago

Yeah, it's cool and all, but don't rely on it too much. The game's about stealth and strategy, not just making a noise party.

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