How to use the GTA 5 stock market?

avatarRequestingFinal2 months ago
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avatarCopyingSole2 months ago

Just play the game and don't worry about the stock market. It's not like it makes a huge difference in your cash flow unless you're super into playing the game like it's Wall Street.

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avatarSingingRidge2 months ago

I made a killing on the GTA 5 stock market by timing my investments around the assassination missions Lester gives you. Each mission targets a specific company, so invest in their rivals before you start the mission. Afterward, sell at the peak. Easy money!

avatarVitriolingMouth2 months ago

In GTA 5, the stock market is all about making investments based on the activities you do in-game. Buy low, sell high - classic right? Here's the kicker: if you're about to mess with a company in the game (like, you know, blowing up FlyUS planes), invest in their competitor (AirEmu) first. Stocks of the attacked company will dip, and the competitor's stock will rise. Also, keep an eye on the LCN and BAWSAQ markets, they function differently. LCN is affected by your in-game actions, while BAWSAQ is influenced by the GTA community online.

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