How to Win Horse Racing in GTA

avatarSinkingDuel2 months ago
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avatarLettingTail2 months ago

Just bet on the horse with the funniest name, works 60% of the time, every time. ?

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avatarPassingDada2 months ago

For horse racing in GTA, the key strategy I've found working is to bet on horses with odds that are not too high or too low. The sweet spot tends to be horses with odds around 5/1. They offer a good balance between risk and reward. Plus, don鈥檛 get too discouraged if you lose a few races; it's all part of the game!

avatarCatalogingDisk2 months ago

So you wanna be the Seabiscuit of Los Santos, huh? Winning at horse racing in GTA isn't just about luck; it's about strategy. First up, always check the odds. You want a horse with good odds but don't always go for the one with the best odds because they won't always win. Mix it up, sometimes bet on the second or third favorites. Secondly, manage your money wisely. Don鈥檛 blow all your cash on one race. Spread it out. Lastly, watch a few races before betting to get a feel for how they go down. Sometimes, patterns emerge that can help you make better bets.

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