Is Pedro really dead in One Piece?

avatarInterferingHood4 months ago
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avatarSignalingClouda month ago

Yup, Pedro is toast. During the Whole Cake Island arc, he sacrifices himself to help the Straw Hat Pirates escape from Big Mom's territory. It's a big, dramatic moment, showing how noble and brave he was. RIP Pedro.

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avatarUnifyingSluma month ago

Pedro's gone for real. Blew himself up to give the Straw Hats a chance. No coming back from that in the One Piece world... usually.

avatarRepeatingRitza month ago

Dead as a doornail. It's rare, but One Piece isn't shy about making sacrifices count. Pedro's was one of those.

avatarCluingWeara month ago

Honestly, it's One Piece; who knows? Characters have 'died' and come back before. But as of now, it really looks like Pedro's sacrifice was the real deal. Huge moment for the story.

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