Should I put Windows on my Steam Deck?

avatarSortyingSlag2 months ago
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avatarWanderingFacet2 months ago

Absolutely, if you want to unlock the full potential of your Steam Deck! Installing Windows opens up a world of PC gaming beyond the Steam library, giving you access to games and applications that are only available on Windows. It's like turning your Steam Deck into a portable gaming powerhouse.

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avatarBustingSpire2 months ago

Did it, loved it! Installing Windows on my Steam Deck was a game changer. Granted, it takes a bit of tech know-how, but it's worth it. You get the best of both worlds: Steam鈥檚 massive library plus everything Windows offers.

avatarComposingGuru2 months ago

Honestly, I'd say no. The charm of the Steam Deck lies in its seamless integration with SteamOS and the Steam Store. Putting Windows on it kinda defeats the purpose and could introduce compatibility issues. Enjoy it for what it is!

avatarWarningSquad2 months ago

Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Yeeeees. Seriously though, installing Windows on your Steam Deck lets you play games that aren鈥檛 available on Steam, plus you get to use it like a mini PC. Just be ready for the setup process!

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