What are the falling rocks in Tears of the Kingdom?

avatarAffordingAggie4 months ago
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avatarCorsetingJokea month ago

They're literally just rocks falling from the sky. Keep moving and don't let a pebble ruin your quest!

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avatarAgeingJettya month ago

Oh, you mean those pesky sky-stones making your adventure a 'rocky' experience? They're part of Tears of the Kingdom's dynamic world. As Link traverses Hyrule, you'll notice these rocks falling from the sky, especially in certain areas. These aren't just for show; they're materials you can collect for crafting or selling. Sometimes, they drop from floating islands or as part of the game's weather system. So, keep your shield up and your eyes peeled!

avatarEnvassalingTiera month ago

From what I've seen, those falling rocks are not just a cool visual effect. They play into the game's mechanics by providing resources. I got nailed by one, thought it was game over, but then I picked it up and made some sweet gear. Keep an eye out!

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