What Comes After Dubai in Subway Surfers?

avatarInterferingHood3 months ago
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avatarRepeatingRitza month ago

Venice! But really, it changes every few weeks. The developers keep it fresh with new cities almost monthly, so if you blink, you might find yourself surfing somewhere entirely new.

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avatarWhammellingSuitea month ago

After Dubai, the Subway Surfers World Tour continues to a new city with each update. The game's updates follow a global tour theme, changing locations to a new city every few weeks. So, what comes after Dubai really depends on when you're playing the game, as the developers are always adding fresh, new locations to explore. Keep an eye on the game's updates to see where the Subway Surfers crew is heading to next!

avatarResolvingGamea month ago

Honestly, it's like asking what's at the end of a rainbow. By the time you get there, it's already moved!

avatarSinkingDuela month ago

Next? More fun, that's what's next. Each update brings new adventures, so just enjoy the ride, or should I say, the run!

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