What Does Buddha Fruit Do in Blox Fruits?

avatarAgeingJetty16 days ago
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avatarCatalogingDisk16 days ago

The Buddha Fruit lets you transform into a giant golden Buddha, boosting your HP and defense while dishing out massive close-range damage. It's perfect for tanking hits and smashing through enemies!

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avatarHatchellingCalm16 days ago

I鈥檝e used Buddha Fruit a lot. It increases your size, HP, and defense, making you a beast in close combat. Perfect if you enjoy tanking.

avatarWipingBride16 days ago

Buddha Fruit transforms you into a colossal golden statue and gives you insane defense and HP boosts. You can also deal big damage in close combat.

avatarBustingSpire16 days ago

Buddha Fruit: Become a golden giant with crazy defense and HP. Smash stuff. Fight close. Be awesome.

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