What Does Dogmeat Do in Fallout Shelter?

avatarTrottingArea3 months ago
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avatarDebiasingPons3 months ago

Dogmeat, the iconic canine companion from the Fallout series, serves as a pet in Fallout Shelter. He can boost your dwellers' happiness and also has the potential to grant bonuses during wasteland exploration. Basically, he's a furry bundle of joy and utility, making the harsh vault life a bit more bearable.

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avatarMisleadingBride3 months ago

Dogmeat in Fallout Shelter is more than just a cute face; he actually helps out by increasing dwellers' happiness. Happy dwellers mean a more efficient vault. So yeah, Dogmeat is pretty much a morale-boosting, tail-wagging asset!

avatarBeatingDebit3 months ago

Dogmeat is basically just there for moral support. Don't expect him to fend off raiders or anything.

avatarCaringEthos3 months ago

Had Dogmeat as my vault's pet and can confirm, he definitely makes the dwellers happier. It's like they work better just knowing he's around. Plus, exploring with him feels less daunting.

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