What does the Raw Input Buffer do in Valorant?

avatarEarningOunce3 months ago
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avatarImplementingPonsa month ago

The Raw Input Buffer in Valorant basically makes sure your mouse movements are as accurate as possible. It takes the data directly from your mouse without any delay or smoothing from the operating system, so what you're aiming for is exactly what happens in the game. Super useful for those clutch moments when precision is key!

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avatarInterferingHooda month ago

Actually, not everyone thinks it's a big deal. If you're casual and not super competitive, you might not even notice a difference with it on or off. But hey, if you're all about that pro life, every little bit helps, right?

avatarSwellingDumpa month ago

It's a fancy way to say your mouse movements get read more accurately. Less interference from other software means better aiming for you!

avatarPassingDadaa month ago

From personal experience, turning on Raw Input Buffer changed the game for me. My aiming became more precise and responsive. It feels like there's a direct line from my hand movements to my character's actions. Definitely recommend giving it a try and seeing if it improves your gameplay.

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