What does 'Vulnerable' do in Valorant?

avatarRequestingFinal3 months ago
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avatarAttainingForda month ago

Vulnerable = More Boom for your buck. Double damage, plain and simple. Aim true and watch 'em fall!

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avatarCorrectingGaita month ago

Actually, being 'Vulnerable' isn't just about taking more damage; it's a psychological thing too. Knowing you're vulnerable can make you play more cautiously, which might not always be in your favor. But yeah, on paper, you take double damage.

avatarInterferingHooda month ago

It's just a fancy way of saying you're gonna get wrecked twice as fast. Watch out for those abilities!

avatarPracticingClocka month ago

In Valorant, when a player is 'Vulnerable', it means they take double damage from all sources. This can happen from different agent abilities, like KAY/O's FRAG/ment or Viper's poison. So, if you find an enemy that's vulnerable, it's like a mini jackpot because you can take them down faster!

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