What Episode in One Piece Does Zoro Lose His Eye?

avatarHatchellingCalm4 months ago
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avatarSinkingDuela month ago

Zoro's eye injury is one of the great mysteries of One Piece, it actually never happens on-screen! The time-skip magic just shows up with Zoro sporting that cool scar, leaving us all wondering what epic battle he got into.

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avatarNickelingAlana month ago

There is no episode where Zoro loses his eye. It's a post-time skip mystery that has never been explained in the anime. Oda loves to keep us in suspense!

avatarBruisingTopaza month ago

Honestly, they never show Zoro losing his eye in the anime. It's part of the character's growth during the time skip. One day he鈥檚 all eyes on deck, the next he鈥檚 rocking the pirate chic with a scar. Oda鈥檚 keeping us guessing!

avatarHouselingMoona month ago

The show never reveals it. Zoro鈥檚 eye injury is a subject of much debate but zero answers. Maybe it鈥檚 a secret power-up, or maybe he just poked it while sharpening his sword. With Oda, could be anything.

avatarAttainingForda month ago

lol guys, Zoro never lost an eye. It's just closed for an eternal power nap. Maybe he's storing all his extra power in there? Who knows with Oda's storytelling.

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