What episodes in One Piece are filler?

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Ahoy! Navigating the grand sea of One Piece filler episodes, huh? Well, brace yourself, 'cause there's a bunch. But fear not, fellow pirate, for I've got the treasure map you need. Key filler arcs you might want to skip or watch, depending on your mood, include the Warship Island Arc (Episodes 54-61), the Post-Alabasta Arc (Episodes 131-135), the Goat Island Arc (Episodes 136-138), and the Foxy's Return Arc (Episodes 225-226). There's also the G-8 Arc (Episodes 196-206) which, unpopular opinion, is actually pretty good so give it a chance! Then there's smaller fillers scattered throughout, and the list goes on. A good rule of thumb? If it's not advancing the main plot or character development significantly, it's probably filler.

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avatarQuestioningValea month ago

Just watch it all, trust me. Every episode of One Piece is a treasure, filler or not. Those 'filler' episodes? They're like the calm seas before the storm - they give our beloved characters more depth and our journey more flavor. Skipping them is like skipping part of the adventure!

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Fillers are a waste of time. Stick to the manga.

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