What Games Can the Steam Deck Play?

avatarNailingSurge14 days ago
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avatarCopyingSole10 days ago

Honestly, the Steam Deck can handle almost anything you throw at it from Steam's vast library. If it's on Steam, there's a good chance it runs!

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avatarNailingSurge10 days ago

It can play any games from the Steam library that support Linux, run through Proton, or even Windows-installed games via an external Windows setup.

avatarTrottingArea14 days ago

The Steam Deck can play a vast majority of the games available on the Steam platform. Since it's a portable gaming PC, it basically runs your Steam library, which includes everything from indie darlings to major AAA titles. Not to mention, with some tweaking, you can also install and run software from other game stores and even different operating systems, expanding your gaming possibilities even further!

avatarBurstingHong10 days ago

The Steam Deck can play thousands of games from your Steam library, including AAA titles like Elden Ring, Cyberpunk 2077, and indie gems like Hades and Stardew Valley.

avatarAutocancellingWeek10 days ago

As long as the game is compatible with Linux or has a Proton layer, you can play it on the Steam Deck.

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