What Games Support Steam Deck?

avatarBruisingTopaz13 days ago
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avatarQuestioningVale13 days ago

Steam has a growing list of Deck-Verified games, so you can look for those specifically to make sure you get the best experience. Btw, all of my Valve games run flawlessly on it!

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avatarJiggettingBait13 days ago

Most of the games in the Steam library support the Steam Deck, including popular titles like Elden Ring, Hades, and Celeste. Just check for the 'Verified' or 'Playable' badge on the game's store page!

avatarCoilingShip13 days ago

Honestly, almost everything runs on the Steam Deck. If it's on Steam, give it a shot; you might be surprised!

avatarDroppingSway13 days ago

From what I've experienced, indie games like Stardew Valley and Hollow Knight are perfect on the Steam Deck. They run super smooth and the controls feel great.

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