What games will be playable on the Steam Deck?

avatarGroaningRush·10 days ago
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avatarCorsetingJoke·10 days ago

Pretty much any game in your Steam library should work! Valve’s working to ensure compatibility and optimize performance for as many games as possible. They've got this handy feature called Proton that helps run Windows games on Linux, which the Steam Deck uses. You can even check out the 'Deck Verified' program to see which games are already tested and optimized for the device. Happy gaming!

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avatarCatalogingDisk·10 days ago

Literally, my entire Steam library works on my Deck! And if a game isn't prepped for it, you can always tinker with settings or wait for updates. So far, I’ve had no major issues. Cheers to portable gaming!

avatarAgeingJetty·10 days ago

All your favorite Steam games should be good to go! From indie gems to AAA titles, the Steam Deck's got you covered with its strong hardware and Proton support. Just remember, some games might be better optimized than others, but most will run just fine.

avatarEarningOunce·10 days ago

If it’s on Steam, it’s fair game for the Deck! Valve’s doing a solid job ensuring compatibility.

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