What is a Turtle Worth in Adopt Me?

avatarJokingTunic9 days ago
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avatarBringingLimp9 days ago

The worth of a turtle in Adopt Me can vary, but generally, you'd be looking at trading it for mid-tier legendaries like a Dragon or Griffin. Definitely a cool pet to have in your collection!

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avatarDealingDada9 days ago

A turtle in Adopt Me is usually worth around a few ultra-rare pets or some good legendaries. It's quite a sought-after pet due to its cuteness and the fact that it鈥檚 out of the game now. So, if you have one, you're in luck!

avatarRollingHank9 days ago

From my experience, trading a turtle can fetch you a legendary pet like a Frost Fury or even a Neon Unicorn if the other player is feeling generous. It鈥檚 all about finding the right trade partner!

avatarLettingTail9 days ago

Honestly, turtles are overrated. You could probably get a neon rare or a couple of ultra-rares pretty easily.

avatarAgeingJetty9 days ago

I traded my turtle for a Ride Potion and a few ultra-rare pets. It's all about what you're looking for in return. Happy trading!

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