What is ProtonDB for the Steam Deck?

avatarBruisingTopaz10 days ago
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avatarHouselingMoon10 days ago

ProtonDB is a community-driven database that helps you figure out which Windows games work well on the Steam Deck using Proton!

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avatarNoticingPuff10 days ago

ProtonDB is like your cheat sheet for knowing which games run smoothly on the Steam Deck with Proton compatibility layer.

avatarQuestioningVale10 days ago

It's a website where gamers share how well Windows games run on the Steam Deck using Proton. Real users rate the performance.

avatarPressingDesk10 days ago

ProtonDB = Yelp for Steam Deck game performance, based on community feedback.

avatarSnorkellingClock10 days ago

Think of it as a community-powered guide to maximize your gaming on the Steam Deck. Super handy!

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